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We’ve all heard the saying whatever the mind of a man can believe and conceive he or she can achieve. More recently I heard it put this way, "If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hand. WOW! Isn’t that powerful? YES IT IS! Whatever you can picture, imagine, see yourself doing, being or accomplishing, you can actually walk in that reality. Well it’s one thing to be able to quote a saying that you’ve heard for years, but how do you manifest that which you imagine into its physical equivalent. Well, I could write and entire book on that topic, but here are some quick powerful , transformational steps to lead you down the road to holding what you want in your hand

1. Get clear on what you desire. Most people have no clue what it is that they really desire. Decide right now the life you will  live. The optimal health you will enjoy, the abundance in your back account that you will experience, the happiness you will feel, the places you will travel, etc. Apply the law of pen and paper by writing your list down on paper where you can see it and review it everyday.

2. Use your words to create your life. The bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue. There is so much power in the words we speak. The old adage," Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" sounds good, but the reality is negative and positive words can have a lasting impact on us. It’s time for you to start AFFIRMING YOUR LIFE. Create yourself a list of affirmations. If you are new to affirmations, Keep it simple.

For example:


And remember, your power is not just in the words you speak, but the real power is in the emotion or the feeling behind what you say. We will talk more about that later because that feeling part is really really important.

3. Visualize. As I stated earlier, If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand. Visualization is a technique that has been practiced since biblical times. Athletes, musicians, and business people alike have all used visualization to help them get the results they desire. The basket ball player shuts his eyes, mentally stands at the free throw line and sees himself making every shot. The musician closes her eyes and sees herself inside the music hall before an audience of thousands, striking each key perfectly, culminating her performance with a standing ovation.  The businessman stills himself and mentally pictures himself confidently calling on clients and closing a record number of sales that sends his income skyrocketing. What is it that you see in your minds eye for yourself?

Get into a quiet place…close your eyes and picture your success. Hold the picture in your mind as long as you can. Let it play like a movie. In fact, remember that you are the writer, director and star of this movie called LIFE.  You write the script so make it Great! Make it in your favor!

In the morning right before you get out of bed and at night before you fall asleep are two productive times to visualize. It is at these times that your subconscious is most receptive and open to receiving the messages that you impress upon it. But remember, its best to visualize at anytime than not to do it at all.

4. Show Gratitude. Show gratitude by giving thanks that you are already in possession of that which you desire. Know that it is done! It is finished. It’s completed. Realize that everything  that you desire already exists for you, its just waiting for you to get into vibrational alignment with it so you can receive it. (Ooo, that was deep. More on that later.) As Bob Proctor says, "You Were Born Rich."  Never say that you want. Wanting implies that you don’t already possess it. It’s not good to be the feeling of want. Instead, give thanks. Thank God.

For example:

"Lord I thank you for my thriving business."
"I’m grateful for my six figure bank account."
"I’m so happy and grateful for my healthy fit body."
"I give thanks that I have found my life partner."

Make these practices a way of life. Do them everyday without fail. As you apply what you learn on this site, be sure to contact us through this site, facebook or youtube and share with us and the rest of the IMpowered community the miracles and blessings that are happening for you. Create a great day for yourself. Love ya! Bunmi…you are more powerful than you know. 

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