IMpowered Spirituality

You’re Just Like Your Father!

Know who you are by knowing your source.

Have you ever noticed how much you are like your parents? You may have your mother’s eyes, or your dad’s smile. You may have the same laugh as your mom and mannerisms like your dad. I’m sure we’ve all heard a well meaning family member exclaim, “You’re just like your father!”

Just like it’s a good chance that you are like your biological dad in many ways, it should be IMpowering for you to learn about the attributes of your other daddy….your HEAVENLY FATHER. Believe it or not, you are like Him in many ways as well. In fact, he told us that we were created IN HIS IMAGE.

One day I was taking a walk and dwelling on the goodness of God. A thought came to me, “If God is my father, I am his child, then I must have his DNA in me. I must be like Him in many ways.”

That was such an IMpowering moment! I began to discover more about God so I could find out more about myself. I decided to accept the belief, and you should too, that just like I am like my earthly father, I am also like my heavenly father in many awesome ways.

Your are Creative because God is Creative.

God spoke and  the word leaped into existence. You too can speak and change things with your words. You have this same power. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. You can create a new world for yourself with the words you speak.

You are Powerful because God is Powerful.

God has power over circumstances, illnesses, even death. He has the power to do whatever He wants.  He is ALL powerful. You many not be ALL powerful, but if you knew the amount of power that you had  in you,  it would surprise you.  In fact, if you harness all the potential electrical power in the electrons in your body you could literally light up a city. Literally!

You are full of love because God is Love.



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