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The Mindset of Wellness

What is the Wellness Mindset?  It’s the things that you do in advance that determine your wellness success. It’s all about planning your work and working your plan. If you are ready to create wellness success, you have to have the right wellness mindset.  Are you ready for a transformation?  If so, let’s get started.

The first step is finding something that motivates you to start your success journey.

What I teach to anyone who wants to lose weight or tone up or maybe even become a bodybuilder is to Identify a BIG Why!  I am talking about an inner motivational tool that will get you up and out of the bed when you are sleepy. It about making your wellness journey a priority by making time for yourself. You must say, If its to be, Its up to me!  The best way to make wellness a goal that climbs to the top of your “things to do list” is by creating your Why.  Let me help you get started.   One of the mental exercises I do at my events is something I call “Make It Matter.” It about finding something the pulls at your heart strings and motivates you to take action.  Here is a good way to accomplish this awesome life changing action step.

Step 1 – Ask yourself the following questions.

A. Do you have anyone in your life that has an illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure or maybe they can be considered as obese?  (This question will allow you to think about how health challenges in the lives of family members can motivate you to keep focused on the challenges you do not want in your life)

B.  Do you have children that are depending on you? (This question will allow you create the motivation to do it for someone bigger than you.  Your kids need you to be around as long as you can. They want you to be there when they graduate from high school and college.  They also want you there to be part of the wedding and to see your face as happy grandparents. Don’t think living a healthy lifestyle is all about you.  It’s for all the love ones in your life.

C. Do you want to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle? (This question is to help you see that your why is not for a just a 90 day transformation but it is about lifestyle.  To create a habit of success takes on the average about 21 days but when it comes to healthy living those habits carry over for the rest of your life.

These three questions should guide you toward beginning your new wellness lifestyle. It begins with taking the first step.

Step 2. Write a commitment letter yourself. 

A few years ago I wrote out a commitment letter to myself that spoke of creating the success that I am having today.  I spoke of things like staying exited no matter how long it takes for my success to appear. I also mentioned something that motivates me everyday of my life and that is making my deceased mother Kathleen Elizabeth Bailey proud.  When it comes to creating your success, writing out a commitment letter amazingly sets off a trigger.  Now your mind starts to say its time to really take action based on your true commitment.  Do this step and watch how you begin moving in the right direction for success.

Step 3  Increase your level of belief.

One of the major factors that keep a person from having success when it comes to a wellness program is their level of belief. Although building your belief is a major step toward success it also something that has to be done gradually. I believe in what I call bite-sized achievable challenges. After you achieve what you set up to do, celebrate your success. Then pat yourself on the back and say job well done! Remember this saying, “if you believe you can do it – you will.”  “If you believe you cannot do it – you won’t.”  The path you decide will determine your success or failure.  Choose success!

Get ready for the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

If you receive some awesome success nuggets from this information share it with a loved one or a friend.  As my business partner Bunmi Moore says – “You Are More Powerful Than You Know”.

To your Health and Wellness Success,
Brian K. Bailey

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