Getting Over a Fear

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Whatever your fear maybe, whether it is a valid or minor fear, it can compromise the quality of your life and the way you live it. Do not let your fear take the wheel of your life. You must understand that your fear is a part of you that you can overcome. Fear limits your existence and stifles your true ability. Without fear, you can do wonders with your life, reach your objectives, and just have fun living the life you have always wanted.

Here are some practical tips in getting over a fear. Take what you think is applicable to you and use them wisely.
1. Write down Your Fears
Take note and write down the things that you fear and the reasons behind these fears. Study shows that writing down your fears and seeing it in your notes gives you a power to scratch is out and win over it. This will also help you realize that some of your fears are not worth worrying.
2. Consider saying a positive and encouraging phrase when you are faced with your fear.
I have watched a Bollywood movie entitled “3 idiots” and it said that you can trick your brain into believing that everything will be okay despite the many trials and problems that comes along with your life. Their mantra was “ALL IS WELL”. Do the same with your fears, create a mantra and use it when the fear strikes.
3. When you have fear for things such as speaking in public or fear of doing something, do the following:
- Make a fist and hold it for 10 seconds or more, then release it. Imagine that you are squeezing your fear in your fist then let it go. It will not only condition you psychologically but will relax your muscles making you less frightened and fearful.
- Drink a glass of orange juice before doing the thing you fear most. Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C which lowers stress hormones and makes you less fearful.
4. Constantly face your fears.
Research shows that constant exposure to your fear will make you adapt to it more positively. It is like dreading a question on an examination. All you have to do is solve or study similar items within the range of the question you fear the most and by the time you get into the examination room, you will feel more confident. Experts call this exposure therapy. When a person gets to be exposed to the thing they fear the most, they will develop immunity and will soon get over the fear.
There are various methods of getting over a fear. The process and steps may differ depending on the kind of fear and the intensity of it. But getting over a fear is possible and very important. To see the world and live life in a much brighter perspective is to lose your fears and get over them.
Remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know!
Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore
IMpowerment Coaches
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