Prosperity Affirmation and Loving Life Leads to Happiness

April 3, 2012 by  

We all want prosperity in our life; we all want to be in a state of flourishing wealth and abundance of good things. For most people, prosperity can be equated to financial abundance but generally, prosperity is the abundance of great blessings. Such as wealth, finance, happiness, and even prosperity in career.

What hinders us from achieving ultimate prosperity is our desire for something we don’t have. Imagine the times when all we had was our manual typewriters and we are contented with it, yet as time progresses, we tend to change our needs. We now want laptops, tablets, Iphones, smart phones, and other things that the current technology offers. Most people feel inadequate with the absence of these material things. They feel as if they are not prosperous enough. But should we always relate prosperity to materialistic things? How can we be prosperous without having all the world has to offer?

Here are some steps on how we can have prosperity in our life.

1. Accept your faults and move forward

One of the reasons why people never move to prosperity is that because they tend to be too stubborn with their mistakes. Recognizing your faults and mistakes opens up new doors of self realization and opportunities to be better. Accept your faults and mistakes then take measures to become better, being better leads to prosperity.

2. Affirm prosperity and count your blessings

Prosperity affirmations lead to conditioning your mind and self to be better. When you declare your desire to be prosperous, you ask the world for help and when the help comes acknowledge it, recognize it, and above all be thankful for it.

3. Acknowledge the good things you do and be proud of it

Be good to yourself, know and understand that you are good and be proud of the things you do for yourself and others. This will make you feel better about yourself. The fact that you have been good but not realizing it is often the most neglected part of prosperity affirmation. Be kind and it involves being kind to yourself. Say to yourself daily, “I am proud of what I do for others and for myself.”

4. Give and expect nothing in return

Giving is the ultimate expression of Love. Give till it hurts and expect nothing in return. The truth is it all comes back to you anyway. No better words could define this part.

5. Enjoy living your life

Prosperity in life means loving what you do and everything that life carries. Having fun living could be easy if we only put it in action.

Being prosperous is being happy. There are things we can never have and things that will just pass us by. But, prosperity is not about things, it is about being happy inside out. In our option there are no truer words that have ever been spoken. May this be a blessing to you and yours.

Remember, You are more Powerful Than You Know!

Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore

IMpowerment Coaches

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