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You Are More Powerful Than You Know!

April 10, 2012 by  

Getting Over a Fear

Whatever your fear maybe, whether it is a valid or minor fear, it can compromise the quality of your life and the way you live it. Do not let your fear take the wheel of your life. You must understand that your fear is a part of you that you can overcome. Fear limits your existence and stifles your true ability. Without fear, you can do wonders with your life, reach your objectives, and just have fun living the life you have always wanted.

Here are some practical tips in getting over a fear. Take what you think is applicable to you and use them wisely.
1. Write down Your Fears
Take note and write down the things that you fear and the reasons behind these fears. Study shows that writing down your fears and seeing it in your notes gives you a power to scratch is out and win over it. This will also help you realize that some of your fears are not worth worrying.
2. Consider saying a positive and encouraging phrase when you are faced with your fear.
I have watched a Bollywood movie entitled “3 idiots” and it said that you can trick your brain into believing that everything will be okay despite the many trials and problems that comes along with your life. Their mantra was “ALL IS WELL”. Do the same with your fears, create a mantra and use it when the fear strikes.
3. When you have fear for things such as speaking in public or fear of doing something, do the following:
- Make a fist and hold it for 10 seconds or more, then release it. Imagine that you are squeezing your fear in your fist then let it go. It will not only condition you psychologically but will relax your muscles making you less frightened and fearful.
- Drink a glass of orange juice before doing the thing you fear most. Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C which lowers stress hormones and makes you less fearful.
4. Constantly face your fears.
Research shows that constant exposure to your fear will make you adapt to it more positively. It is like dreading a question on an examination. All you have to do is solve or study similar items within the range of the question you fear the most and by the time you get into the examination room, you will feel more confident. Experts call this exposure therapy. When a person gets to be exposed to the thing they fear the most, they will develop immunity and will soon get over the fear.
There are various methods of getting over a fear. The process and steps may differ depending on the kind of fear and the intensity of it. But getting over a fear is possible and very important. To see the world and live life in a much brighter perspective is to lose your fears and get over them.
Remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know!
Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore
IMpowerment Coaches
April 3, 2012 by  

Prosperity Affirmation and Loving Life Leads to Happiness

We all want prosperity in our life; we all want to be in a state of flourishing wealth and abundance of good things. For most people, prosperity can be equated to financial abundance but generally, prosperity is the abundance of great blessings. Such as wealth, finance, happiness, and even prosperity in career.

What hinders us from achieving ultimate prosperity is our desire for something we don’t have. Imagine the times when all we had was our manual typewriters and we are contented with it, yet as time progresses, we tend to change our needs. We now want laptops, tablets, Iphones, smart phones, and other things that the current technology offers. Most people feel inadequate with the absence of these material things. They feel as if they are not prosperous enough. But should we always relate prosperity to materialistic things? How can we be prosperous without having all the world has to offer?

Here are some steps on how we can have prosperity in our life.

1. Accept your faults and move forward

One of the reasons why people never move to prosperity is that because they tend to be too stubborn with their mistakes. Recognizing your faults and mistakes opens up new doors of self realization and opportunities to be better. Accept your faults and mistakes then take measures to become better, being better leads to prosperity.

2. Affirm prosperity and count your blessings

Prosperity affirmations lead to conditioning your mind and self to be better. When you declare your desire to be prosperous, you ask the world for help and when the help comes acknowledge it, recognize it, and above all be thankful for it.

3. Acknowledge the good things you do and be proud of it

Be good to yourself, know and understand that you are good and be proud of the things you do for yourself and others. This will make you feel better about yourself. The fact that you have been good but not realizing it is often the most neglected part of prosperity affirmation. Be kind and it involves being kind to yourself. Say to yourself daily, “I am proud of what I do for others and for myself.”

4. Give and expect nothing in return

Giving is the ultimate expression of Love. Give till it hurts and expect nothing in return. The truth is it all comes back to you anyway. No better words could define this part.

5. Enjoy living your life

Prosperity in life means loving what you do and everything that life carries. Having fun living could be easy if we only put it in action.

Being prosperous is being happy. There are things we can never have and things that will just pass us by. But, prosperity is not about things, it is about being happy inside out. In our option there are no truer words that have ever been spoken. May this be a blessing to you and yours.

Remember, You are more Powerful Than You Know!

Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore

IMpowerment Coaches


March 30, 2012 by  

Be SMART when Setting Goals

Goal setting is like working on a business plan, it needs to be felt and analyzed. It needs more than just an evaluation of what you want and desire, it entails an in-depth analysis of what you are capable of and what you want to do. Just like a business plan, you should also consider the risk and rewards, cost and opportunities, possibilities and resources. It takes so much to set a life goal, but it is the foundation of getting what you want. It is the path in which you drive your efforts into, a solid brick foundation of your dreams and ambition.

Being SMART when setting goals is important. Especially if you really want good results at the end of your quest. Just like in business planning, you need your goals in place, and should follow the SMART principle. Goals needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bounded.

Specific - When an objective is put in place, you should be very specific about it. It should not be too general for it can mislead you to what you really want. Be clear and precise about your goals and you will have a clear direction into it.

Measurable - You should be able to measure the progress you are making towards your goal. In setting up a goal, you should be able to answers questions about quantity such as “how much” and “how many”. Knowing the figures will help you in the evaluation if you are really gearing up towards your objective.

Achievable - We know that we are bound to great things, that everything is possible, but let us not disregard our limitations and specialties. Our skills are enhanced on various matters; we do not have the monopoly of all the knowledge and skills. Everything can be learned but wouldn’t it be more realistic and achievable if we gear our objectives up to what we were really meant to be?

Relevant - Choose goals that matters to you. You can set a lot of specific goals, one that you think will work out just fine to make your life better but is it relevant? Is it important? Is it worth your time and effort? Choose what is relevant, choose what matters.

Time-bound - Set a time frame. Know when you would want to have your goals and objective materialized. The tendency of not setting a time frame that is realistic is that you will tend to procrastinate doing things. So have a realistic time frame and work on your objectives religiously.

Still, like all other things, being SMART is not the end of goal setting, You need to EVALUATE and RE-EVALUATE just to make sure that all other things are still gearing towards your goal. SMART setting of goals need not be the smartest for you leave no room for flexibility in the superlative form, you just need to be SMARTER and you’re off to a good start.

Remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know!

Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore

IMpowerment Coaches


March 26, 2012 by  

Why Life Coaching is Important

With the demands of life nowadays, we can easily get side tracked for various reasons. Our family life, career, health, and the entirety of our existence sometimes come to a point of too many questions. We get to a point where we get bored with almost everything that we do and we find no meaning on what make us happy. This is where life coaching comes in handy. Often, people seek the help of life coaches because they would like to get over the boredom of doing the usual things they do in their life, to be better in career, family, and financially. Life coaching can be an agent of change in every person’s life. A catalyst for change and to achieve their long time dreams.

Why life coaching? It is mainly because we are faced with so many negatives in this world. We are presented with so many instant offers that the term impossible becomes more of a rule than of an exemption. We understand that we are capable of achieving greater heights and we are bound to do great things, yet we fail to see this possibility not unless we see someone in there, telling us that we are also capable of getting in to what they have already achieved. It takes a little motivation and inspiration to push ourselves to where we always dream of getting.

We all need an inspiration, a spark of motivation, telling us that things are indeed possible. We need a life coach who would tell us that if they were able to achieve their dreams, we can make it as well. The approach on coaching maybe different and other beliefs may even be contradicting. It is therefore essential to go for a life coach you admire and trust most, one that will lead you to achieve a life that is limitless and fruitful, one that you can relate to.

To sum it all up, life coaching is like going back to kindergarten. Where you know and understand things yet you question how it’s done. Think of your teacher as the life coach. They will give light to gray areas of your life and answer your questions without any judgment and anger. This, I think is the reason why life coaching works, because it accepts you as who you are and creates a better person from that foundation.

Remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know!

Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore

IMpowerment Coaches


March 15, 2012 by  

Be Happy; Face Your Fears, ACT now!

Every day is another chance to live and live fully. We wake up each day and get ready for another day to live our life according to how we want it to be. Most of us let the day pass by with just doing the things we have to do, we fail to take risk and take chances because of our fear. We hold back from doing the things we want to do because we fear that at some point it might become unacceptable and uncharacteristic of us. We get jailed to the common and less risky choices because of our fear, making our life less and less enjoyable each day.

Let us remember that every day we are given a choice to affirm how we want our day to end. It takes a lot of taking chances and facing your fear. Don’t get so caught up in the hectic life of your industry that you fail to appreciate the beautiful things around you.

Here are some thoughts and affirmations you can do every day to make your day worthwhile:

Affirm: “Today is a great day!”

Believe that everyday will be a great day! When you wake up in the morning, make sure you condition yourself to be happy. Have a healthy breakfast, smile while doing your morning routine, laugh and joke with your kids or partner, make it a happy morning for everyone. Let it bring you to a happy disposition.

Condition: “I will make myself and other people happy.”

Happiness they say is like a perfume, it spreads out. When you approach someone with a smile, they may not respond with the same enthusiasm but you surely made an impact to their not so good day.

Trust: “Trust that the day will be great”

What your mind can conceive, your body will achieve! Trust in the thought that you will have a great day and it will be. Start looking for positive things and appreciate them. Face your fears and trust that it will be okay. Facing your fear involves getting out of your comfort zone and just jumping into something that will make you happy.

The Three Segments we just covered spells out the A.C.T which means

ACT, remember to ACT now. If you decide to be happy, do it now. Don’t wait for the right time and right place, you create happiness for yourself. You are given the ability to decide how you want your days and life would be.

Remember, You Are More Powerful Than You Know!

Brian K. Bailey and Iyabunmi Moore

IMpowerment Coaches


February 17, 2012 by  

Recognizing and Getting Over a Fear

Our fear is holding us back, that is a fact. Whenever we want to do something out of our comfort zone, we tend to hold back and think twice due to the fear of not being good enough. When we find our self a little insufficient, a little incapable of doing something, we think of it as our weakness and give it away without even trying. It is natural to hold little fears in our hearts and mind; it is human to fear something. But a happy human life is not and should not be defined by fear. When fear over takes our life, we take lesser risk, open lesser doors, live a life of safety that is dying by default.

Don’t let your fear become an absolute truth in your life. Recognizing your fear is different from accepting it as an absolute truth. In the fear of taking risk, concluding that something is too risky and difficult and drawing decisions out of this theory creates an absolute truth which is turn becomes a very vital ingredient for failure. Recognizing your fear is like saying “It may be difficult but very doable. I am willing to DO it despite the risk and the road blocks”. It is also not healthy to deny your fear for at some point it will come out of the surface and haunt you down. Recognizing the fear involves knowing what the fear is all about, taking actions to overcome the fear and proving that it is very illogical.

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February 14, 2012 by  

How to Set Your Life Goals and Hit the Mark

It is human to want things and desire for a better life. We all want security in life, whatever form it maybe, financial security, emotional security, spiritual security, etc. We all want to live a secured life where we can have all that we need and a little more for our wants. Again, it is human to desire but most of us fail to recognize that in desiring, we need to set life goals. And in designing the path we want to take towards achieving our desires, we often fail. This is the common waterloo for everybody. We all have a vision of what we want to become and what we want to achieve, yet our life goals are not properly set. So how do we set life goals?

In setting life goals, there is no such thing as right or wrong. It has no exact mathematical equation or formula that you should follow. Dreams and ambitions are made up of personalized bricks, therefore the approach on how to set life goals could vary as well. Here are some tips that you should consider in setting life goals.

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January 23, 2012 by  

Prosperity: A Possible Goal

It is human to desire for something better. Most would claim to be contented with their current status but if you ask them if there is something that they want to achieve on top of all the things they currently posses, a thing or two would always come up. The desire for better things is not a greedy desire especially if it is a desire for a better life.
Prosperity is something we all want to have. There are various kind of prosperity such as spiritual prosperity and prosperity of the soul just to name a few. All these are important and should be worked on. But in a world where security and stability is a must, wouldn’t it be helpful to work on financial prosperity as well?
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January 21, 2012 by  

Affirmation to Prosperity, Spirituality and Success

Affirmations are phrases we utter to allow the world to hear how we want our destiny to be. It is believed that when you whisper to the world your dreams and aspirations, the stars will align to make it into a reality.

To affirm positivity in your life is to affirm the goodness this world has to offer. It is said that if you want good things to happen, you have to believe that it will come to you and visualize it into reality. continue reading

January 4, 2012 by  

How to Overcome Fear and Achieve Great Things

As humans, we are conditioned to achieve great things. We have made the impossible, possible. Even the things that are unheard of centuries ago have now become a normal thing. Iron and steel can fly and swim in forms of ships and planes.

We are now crossing borders and boundaries in record time, at this we can say that we have overcome the fear of flying and crossing the unknown seas.

If this has become possible in great counts and extent, what more if we apply it into our lives. Sure, all attempts to do great things is not a path showered with petals of roses, it is a long and thorny road we all must cross. But the end of the journey is all worth it. We emerge better, bigger and bolder in every sense of the word.

Here are some simple ways to overcoming obstacles in life, sugar coated by the word fear.

Obstacles are but hindrances, like a fence towards a greener pasture. Take time to check these items and see how it applies to your life.

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